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This module provides education for health professionals on the uncommon event of an anti-cancer drug or contrast media extravasation injury. 


This module presents the risk factors, preventative measures and implications of extravasation and how to manage potential or actual extravasation injuries.

The course consists of online learning and assessment followed by a competency assessment used to assess clinical knowledge. All components of the course must be completed before a certificate is awarded.



Additional Information

This module provides guidance and should be used in conjunction with clinical expertise and individual institutional polices and procedures.

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What you will achieve

  • Understanding of implications of extravasation
  • Knowledge of risk factors
  • Understanding of preventative measures
  • Understanding of immediate management of potential or actual extravasation injuries
  • Knowledge of antidotes used for the treatment of extravasation injuries
  • Understanding of post-acute management and documentation

Who is this course for?

Medical, nursing, allied health and pharmacy staff may find this module useful for their clinical practice.


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