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This resource is designed to support health professionals refresh their knowledge and clinical skills in the safe administration of antineoplastic drugs and safe handling of related waste.


After completing the Antineoplastic Drug Administration Course (ADAC) this course can be used either annually or biennially to demonstrate ongoing clinical competency.


The eLearning guide is available for use with a desktop computer as well as a tablet or iPad. Please choose the correct size below. 

Additional Information

For further information read the following resources:

Image of a nurse checking an antineoplastic drug

What you will achieve

  • Understanding of hazards associated with handling and administration of antineoplastic drugs 
  • Understanding of how antineoplastic drugs work 
  • Principles of reviewing antineoplastic drug treatment protocols and prescriptions
  • Principles of patient assessment and education when administering antineoplastic drugs
  • Principles of safe administration of antineoplastic drugs

Who is this course for?

Nursing staff administering antineoplastic drugs who require annual or biennial assessment to demonstrate ongoing clinical competency. 


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