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This paediatric version of the Antineoplastic Drug Administration Course (ADAC) supports health professionals to develop the necessary knowledge and clinical skills to administer antineoplastic drugs to children, and handle related waste safely.


ADAC provides standardised education for the safe handling and administration of antineoplastic drugs. The course consists of eight eLearning guides and eQuizzes, supervised clinical practice, a one day workshop to consolidate theory to clinical practice and competency assessments to assess clinical skill. 

There are three exit points in the courses for those participants only requiring education
to a certain skills level.


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Overview of how to handle antineoplastic drugs and related waste ensuring the safety of staff, patients, carers and family members. 

Provides an overview of requirements when checking antineoplastic drug treatment protocols and prescriptions.  

Overview of education for patients, carers and family members regarding antineoplastic drug treatment.

Overview of patient assessment before, during on completion of antineoplastic drug administration. 

Overview of administering intravenous antineoplastic drugs.

Additional Information

For further information on ADAC read the following resources:

To demonstrate ongoing competency and maintenance of clinical skill participants are able to complete the ADAC Reassessment of clinical competency course.

Other paediatric related learning opportunities include:

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What you will achieve

  • Understanding of hazards associated with handling and administration of antineoplastic drugs 
  • Understanding of how antineoplastic drugs work 
  • Principles of reviewing antineoplastic drug treatment protocols and prescriptions
  • Principles of patient assessment and education when administering antineoplastic drugs
  • Principles of safe administration of antineoplastic drugs

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for nursing staff administering antineoplastic drugs. Medical and allied health staff may find components of the course useful for their clinical practice. 


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