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This module enables cancer health professionals to develop knowledge and skills in supportive care screening, assessment and referral.


This resource uses an evidence based approach to identify supportive care needs people may experience during and after cancer treatment and includes resources to guide interventions and relevant referrals.


Content includes:

  1. Cancer supportive care
  2. Supportive care screening and communicating about concerns
  3. Focused assessment
  4. Provision of appropriate levels of interventions and/or referral
Assessment title
  eLearning guide

Additional Information

This resource was developed by Cancer Australia.

Acknowledgements to Queensland University of Technology, the University of Sydney, Dr Eli Ristevski (Monash University Department of Rural and Indigenous Health, School of Rural Health) and members of the Victorian Integrated Cancer Services (VICS) Supportive Care Collaborative for their collaboration in the development of this resource.

Additional thanks and acknowledgement to Dr Eli Ristevski and Gippsland Regional Integrated Cancer Services for the use of images and adaptation of concepts and learning activities from the Supportive Care Resource Kit (2010) in the development of this module.

Female doctor shows a document to an aged female patient

What you will achieve

  • Identify key supportive care needs people may experience during and after treatment for cancer
  • Describe evidence-based approaches to identify supportive care needs
  • Discuss how to integrate evidence-based communication and information provision strategies throughout the supportive care process
  • Identify resources to guide provision of appropriate supportive care interventions
  • Identify evidence-based resources to make relevant referrals

Who is this course for?

General practitioners and general practice nurses, medical residents, basic physician trainee, cancer nurses and cancer care allied health professionals.


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