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This resource is for health professionals involved in the care of adult cancer patient with fever and neutropenia.


This module is currently out of date, review scheduled.

This course presents information about the epidemiology, clinical manifestations and management principles of adult fever and neutropenia.


Additional Information

This evidence based education resource was created in collaboration with WA Country Health Service, Clinical Nurse Consultant – Oncology Coordination Advisory Group, and Cancer Institute NSW.
This module is based on principles, content and design of the eviQ Education module Fever and suspected or confirmed neutropenia in paediatric patients developed by Dr. Gabrielle Haeusler in collaboration with the Victorian Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service.

Adult neutropenia, fever and sepsis

What you will achieve

  • Understand the host defences against infection
  • Understand the causes of fever during neutropenia
  • Recognise the signs of sepsis
  • Understand the management of adult fever and neutropenia

Who is this course for?

Medical and nursing staff involved in the care of a patient with cancer, and some health professionals may find parts of this module helpful for their clinical practice.


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