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  •   Version: 2.0
  •   Review due: September 2019

This course has been designed to support health care professionals when caring for patients who have had or will have a Central Venous Access Device (CVAD) inserted.


This resource describes the various types of CVADs, the indications for their use and potential complications. It also presents important safety information to reduce the risk of gaps between evidence, clinical practice and policy.


This course was reviewed in March 2018.


Additional Information

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What you will achieve

  • Understanding of indications for the use of CVADS
  • Knowledge of various types of CVADs
  • Understanding of advantages, disadvantages and potential complications associated with CVADs
  • Understanding of the roles of different health professionals in the insertion, care of and removal of a CVAD
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of patient assessment and education
  • Understanding of the principles and practices in the daily care of CVADs

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for nursing staff caring for patients with a CVAD. Medical and allied health staff may find components of the course useful for their clinical practice.


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