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This course is designed to support health professionals to develop a fundamental understanding of cancer and cancer care principles.


The three-part Oncology basics course provides an overview of the pathophysiology and diagnosis of cancer, major treatment modalities and their side effects and principles of care for people with cancer. 


Additional Information

The survivorship content in module 3 of this course has been developed in collaboration with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre, based at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Oncology basics

What you will achieve

  • Define cancer and outline how cancer develops, grows and spreads.
  • Outline how cancer is classified and identify the different cancer types.
  • Define tumour grading, staging and molecular profiling and outline the implications of these on treatment planning.
  • Describe the goals and intents of cancer treatment.
  • Identify the different health professionals involved in the care of cancer patients and explain their role.
  • Describe the major cancer treatment modalities and common treatment-related toxicities.
  • Outline patient care considerations for people with cancer including survivorship, end of life care and palliative care.
  • Identify various evidence-based resources and guidelines which guide the care of oncology patients.

Who is this course for?

All health professionals new to oncology including GPs, medical residents, trainees, nurses and allied health professionals.


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