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  •   Review due: March 2020

This online training program is designed for health professionals who work clinically with patients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds diagnosed with cancer. This is the first interactive Communication Skills Training (CST) program in Australia that specifically targets cultural competence in the oncology setting. 


This course provides information and skills to help oncology health professionals communicate effectively with patients from CALD backgrounds.  It educates on the management of frequently encountered cultural challenges and enables health professionals to work effectively across cultures to improve cancer care for patients from CALD backgrounds. 


This program contains videos of 3 case studies, filmed with actors from CALD backgrounds.

Some of the topics covered by the program are:   
•    Why do we need to consider culture? 
•    What do we mean by cultural and linguistic diversity
•    What is cultural competence?
•    Why is the patient’s cultural perception of the illness important?
•    How do I introduce and work with the interpreter?
•    Cultural considerations when delivering bad news.

This module is best viewed on Google chrome

Assessment title
  Maha's story
  Li's story
  Helen's story
Effective cultural communication in oncology

What you will achieve

  • Effective communication between health professionals and patients
  • Working with interpreters
  • Considering cultural perception
  • Understanding cultural practices and beliefs

Who is this course for?

Health professionals working with oncology patients from CALD background.