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This module is for all health professionals to develop the fundamental knowledge required to support people affected by cancer throughout their treatment trajectory.


The two-part Oncology basics course presents an overview of cancer fundamentals, including common treatment modalities and principals of individualised treatment of cancer.



Content includes:

  1. Principles of individualised treatment of Cancer
  2. Overview of treatment modalities
Assessment title
  eLearning guide

Additional Information

This resource was developed by Cancer Australia.

Female nurse administering chemo to male patient

What you will achieve

  • Describe the goals of treatment throughout the cancer trajectory
  • Identify the role of evidence-based guidelines in the context of a multidisciplinary approach to planning treatment
  • Identify strategies to ensure an individualised approach to cancer treatment
  • Outline the role of clinical trials in cancer treatment
  • Describe the principle mechanisms of action for the major treatment modalities used in the management of cancer
  • Identify early and late effects commonly associated with major treatment modalities

Who is this course for?

General practitioners, medical residents, basic physician trainee, cancer nurses (beginning specialist to specialist level) and allied Health professionals working with cancer patients.


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