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This module is designed to give all health professionals involved in the care of children and/or adolescents with cancer an understanding of the importance of clinical trials.


This course describes the role of clinical trials in the diagnosis, treatment and ultimate improvement of clinical outcomes.  It includes information on the phases and types of clinical trials and the role that nurses play in supporting the delivery of clinical trials in the paediatric oncology context.


Additional Information

This module was developed by the Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service (PICS), with input from the Children’s Cancer Centres at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and Monash Children’s Hospital.

Other paediatric related learning opportunities include:

Understanding clinical trials in childhood cancer

What you will achieve

  • Describe the importance of clinical trials
  • List the purposes and phases of clinical trials
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of a bedside nurse in caring for the child/adolescent and their family enrolled in a clinical trial

Who is this course for?

This module has been developed for health professionals who are involved in the care of the child or adolescent with cancer.  


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