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  •   Version: 2.0
  •   Review due: March 2019

This course is to introduce health professionals who are new to the specialty of radiation oncology to the principles of radiation therapy, patient assessment and supportive care management.


This resource uses case studies and interactive design to provide standardised, evidence based point of care education focusing on understanding the principles of radiation therapy.


These modules are based on different patient scenarios and experiences and includes eviQ content and other information sources, interactive pages, and audio and video to create an engaging learning experience.

Version 2 release

  • This course has recently been reviewed and a number of modules have now been released.
  • The learning has been broken into shorter topics and now includes additional resources which provide supplementary information.
  • Further modules will be released in 2018.

The additional resources are short side modules which build on the original course content. These modules deliver supplementary information that will assist in completion of the case studies.

Assessment title
  Multidisciplinary care
  Baseline assessment
  Patient education
  Side effects
Assessment title
  Early breast cancer - eLearning guide
  Early breast cancer - eQuiz
  Lung cancer - eLearning guide
  Lung cancer - eQuiz
  Colorectal cancer - eLearning
  Colorectal cancer - eQuiz
  Head and neck cancer - Coming soon
  Prostate cancer - Coming soon

Additional Information

The original version of the course can be accessed here.
Please only access version 1 of the course if you are currently completing the course.
Version 1 will be removed from the eviQ Education site once the remainder of version 2 is released in 2018.


Radiation oncology

What you will achieve

  • CPD hours
  • Understanding of the principles of radiation therapy
  • Understanding of patient assessment and supportive care management

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for health professionals who are new to the specialty of radiation oncology.


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