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This course is for health professionals that care for people affected by a cancer diagnosis. It is designed to develop knowledge of supportive care needs of people with cancer, how to screen for supportive care needs and take appropriate actions to meet identified needs.


The module presents information on the domains of supportive care, why supportive care is important, common unmet needs, how to screen people for their supportive care needs using a validated screening tool, discuss and prioritise supportive care needs, and what actions are required to address needs.


Additional Information

Developed by Cancer Nursing Research, University of Melbourne

Funded by Victorian Department Health and Human Services

Further information can be found in the Cancer Supportive Care and Effective cultural communication in cancer resources or on the WeCan website.

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What you will achieve

  • Identify key supportive care needs experienced by people affected by cancer
  • Describe when and how to initiate a supportive care conversation
  • Recognise the four key steps involved in the provision of supportive care in cancer and describe best-practice approaches to their integration in day to day care
  • Describe how to use the Distress Thermometer and Problem List with people affected by cancer
  • Describe the five domains of supportive care 
  • Describe the clinical standards of supportive care

Who is this course for?

All health professionals


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