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This resource is for multidisciplinary clinicians working in cancer services in the hospital and community setting. It is designed to improve awareness, recognition and understanding of malnutrition and to ultimately improve screening and earlier management of this high risk patient group.


These modules are currently out of date, review in progress. The updated modules will be released in April 2024.

This course presents information about the aetiology, prevalence, risk factors, screening and multidisciplinary management of cancer malnutrition.


This module is suitable for Dietitians, Allied Health clinicians, Doctors and Nurses.

The module describes the prevalence of malnutrition in people with cancer, outlines the causes and contributors to cancer malnutrition and lists the consequences. It outlines the cost and benefits of screening and early intervention.

This module is a short course suitable for clinicians working in primary care and community services and acute clinicians with limited time.

The module will look at the impact of cancer and treatments as well as screening and flags. It also covers nutritional intervention and looks at some case studies.

Additional Information

The Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative (VCMC) now has a number of freely available resources to support health professionals in the nutritional care of people with cancer:

Find out more at www.petermac.org/VCMC and in the new CanEAT pathway and MST infographic resources.

For expert nutrition and dietary advice contact an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD). Visit ‘Find an Accredited Practising Dietitian’ at www.daa.asn.au or call 1800 812 942. 

Image of a man with a nasogastric tube in

What you will be able to

  • Improved understanding of cancer malnutrition – aetiology, prevalence, risk factors, screening and multidisciplinary management 
  • Enhanced screening and management of cancer malnutrition
  • Understand how cancer malnutrition can affect different individuals and patient groups
  • Gain access to evidence-based information, factsheets and resources

Who is this course for?

Multidisciplinary clinicians working with cancer patients in the hospital and community settings.


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