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The course explores the steps of the optimal care pathway for people with lung cancer, from screening and prevention through to treatment and follow-up and end of life care.


The aim of this course is to help you to develop an understanding of the pathophysiology of lung cancer, as well as the health and support needs, treatment approaches and principles of care for the person diagnosed with lung cancer. 


Best practice management of lung cancer

What you will achieve

  • Awareness of the prevention and screening of lung cancer
  • Awareness of the presentation, initial investigation and referrals for lung cancer
  • Understanding of the diagnosis, staging and treatment planning of lung cancer
  • Knowledge of the supportive care services available for people with lung cancer
  • Understanding of the treatment options and principles of side effect management for lung cancer
  • Understanding of symptom management for lung cancer
  • Knowledge of the principles of follow-up, end of life care and survivorship and how they apply to lung cancer

Who is this course for?

All health professionals


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