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This module is designed to support registered nurses who care for patients diagnosed with a primary brain tumours (PBT), and increase confidence in managing the challenging effects of a brain tumour and associated treatments.


This resource provides an overview of adults with primary brain tumours (PBTs) and its clinical management, with particular focus on the cognitive effects and the importance of a multidisciplinary team approach.



This module includes a case study to illustrate some of the issues faced by patients. It tells the story of Martin, a 49-year-old male diagnosed with a PBT, and explores how this affects him and his family.

Brain tumour patient with her daughter

What you will achieve

  • recognise the symptoms and signs associated with PBTs
  • understand the implications of grading and pathology in PBTs
  • know the range of cognitive and behavioural problems patients may experience
  • understand the importance of a collaborative team approach in managing PBT patients

Who is this course for?

Registered nurses who care for patients diagnosed with a PBT.


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