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 Rapid learning coming soon: Principles of opioid conversion

Our October rapid learning will help you identify the rationale and steps of opioid conversion and includes a quick how-to guide on using the eviQ opioid conversion calculator.

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Immunotherapy tools now available on eviQ

·Immunotherapy patient assessment tool

This 4-page interactive PDF will support you to make a clinical assessment of your immunotherapy patients. 

·Immunotherapy patient education checklist

This actionable form combines a clinical checklist with patient information in an easy to complete double-sided interactive PDF. 

A big thank you to all our fantastic expert reviewers who contributed to the development of these resources!

New case study: Radiation Oncology – head and neck cancer

Meet Mr Wilson, a former truck driver who presents to his GP with a hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing and the feeling of a lump in his throat. Following a CT scan and MRI he is diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma of the glottic larynx. We follow Mr Wilson on his treatment pathway, and touch on the physical and psychosocial challenges of radiation treatment away from home.

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We're finalists!

Our Immunotherapies module has been selected as a finalist in the Best eLearning Program category as part of the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) Excellence Awards. Winners will be announced in November - we'll let you know how we go - either way we're very proud. Of course we couldn't produce education to this standard without the generous contribution of our fabulous reviewers, so thank you!

New resource development survey: Introduction to haematology and BMT nursing

We are gathering information to inform the development of an exciting new module to support health professionals new to haematology and bone marrow transplant (BMT) nursing. If you have an interest in haematology or BMT nursing we'd love to hear from you!

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Come and say hi!

eviQ and eviQ Education teams will be out and about this month - please stop by our booth and say hello!

  • Blood 2018 (Brisbane) 19- 24 October
  • RANZCR (Canberra) 25-28 October

We will also be in Perth for the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA) conference (12-15 November) and would love to visit our eviQ Education facilitators and present to nursing staff! Please let us know if you would  be happy for us to deliver some education and we will arrange a suitable time.

Contact us: eviqed@eviq.org.au

Watch our oral presentation: Innovations in Cancer Treatment and Care Conference

​In case you missed it on the day, you can now watch a recording of Lisa delivering her fantastic oral presentation Providing the right information in the right way to support the delivery of the right care at the Innovations conference last month.

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eviQ updates

New patient information sheets

  • ID 3515 Constipation during cancer treatment (v1)
  • ID 3424 Feeling tired (fatigue) during cancer treatment (v1)
  • ID 3423 Hair loss (alopecia) during cancer treatment (v1)
  • ID 536 Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (v5)
  • ID 3516 Fertility in men having cancer treatment (v1 replaced 518 and 520)
  • ID 3517 Fertility in women having cancer treatment (v1 replaced 519 and 1444)
  • ID 1645 Chemotherapy before breast cancer surgery (neoadjuvant chemotherapy) (v4)

General updates

  • Pegfilgrastim recent PBS changes: Following the 1st August 2018 the PBS listing has expanded for pegfilgrastim to include primary prophylaxis for patients with >20% risk of febrile neutropenia, eviQ is reviewing all impacted protocols. Further information of protocol updates will follow.
  • Update to Leucovorin® dosing statement and evidence section in all colorectal, upper gastrointestinal and pancreatic eviQ protocols. 

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Did you know?

Hydromorphone is 5-7 times stronger and more soluble than morphine?

eviQ have a opioid conversion calculator to safely facilitate the rational conversion of one opioid regimen to an approximately equianalgesic dose of another.

Check out the eviQ opioid conversion calculator 

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