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We are bringing our Rapid Learning to life with real life case studies - clinical stories told by your colleagues. The 5-minute podcasts feature health professionals across the country sharing their experiences – translating your learning into stories you can relate to.


Metastatic spinal cord compression

Could you recognise the six signs and symptoms of metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC)? When cancer cells grow around the spinal cord this oncological emergency can result in irreversible damage including paraplegia. 

Our rapid learning package includes a 5 minute mini-module to help you:

  • recognise the signs and symptoms of metastatic spinal cord compression
  • assess the severity
  • initiate the right interventions and escalate care appropriately.

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“I can remember being a frightened young nurse, looking after a patient in such a critical condition, and being so unsure about how to appropriately care for them”.

Brooke Barrett, Registered Nurse.

Queensland’s Brooke Barrett was a graduate nurse when she was first exposed to MSCC. She shares career case studies of managing the serious oncological emergency and how her early experience has shaped her career in both the adult and paediatric setting. 

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ADAC update

We’re writing content! Even though it’s the hardest stage, it’s a major milestone, where we start to see the resources take shape. Our SME’s are working together on common content across the adult, pharmacy and paediatric versions, before adding discipline specific information.

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Survey results

We had almost 200 responses to our annual survey – thank you! The team have used each and every one of your ideas to consolidate our plan for the year – you’ve helped us narrow down common themes and needs and we have literally constructed the next 12 months accordingly.

The survey will be an annual exercise, but in the meantime please continue to send any feedback directly via email!

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Did you know?

The hallmark sign of MSCC is new onset back pain that worsens with movement,when lying down, or when coughing, and that radiates along the dermatome innervated by the affected nerve root.  It occurs in up to 95% of people with MSCC

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