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About the ADAC review, redesign and development project

Why are we redesigning ADAC?

It’s time for a review, redesign and development of the Antineoplastic Drug Administration Program. 

Why? To update content, remove duplication and improve the user experience.

How we'll keep you in the loop

We’ve set up a project web page. It’ll have dates and topics for all our focus groups, the latest survey releases, bi-monthly project updates & committee and focus group recruitment details. 

We’ll also have the occasional item on our eviQ Education website news page. Plus—we’ll have an ADAC update section in our regular eviQ Education updates.

Project aims and objectives

ADAC aims remain the same. To support health professionals to:

  • deliver evidence based cancer treatment and care 

  • administer antineoplastic drugs and handle related waste safely

Project objectives include creating content and structure that:

  • reflects user needs and qualitative feedback 

  • enables authentic and effective learning experiences

  • incorporates up-to-date evidence 

  • combines current models and theories of learning

  • includes equity principles

  • reduces duplication but maintains consistency in key messages across associated resources

When is it happening?

Project planning is almost complete and we’re moving to the instructional design phase.  See more about milestones and deliverables on our web page.

Oh, did we mention—we’d like your help?

Ways to be involved

Are you an eviQ Education facilitator? A course participant? An eviQ Education user?

We’d like you to be involved in our project.  See the different ways you can contribute below.

Focus group webinars

We’d like to know what you think—about assessment strategies, content & clinical skills workshops! If you’d like to share your ideas and let us know if we’ve heard you right, why not consider joining one of our focus groups?

Focus groups will be held between 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm on the following dates.

13 May - Focus Group Topics 1 & 2: Safe handling & understanding drugs
15 May - Focus Group Topics 3 & 4: Reviewing Protocols & educating patients
20 May - Focus Group Topics 5 & 6: Assessing patients & administering drugs
22 May - Clinical Skills Workshop
23 May - Competency Assessment Tools and Assessors Guides

Q & A sessions

To join a focus group,  email eviqed@eviq.org.au for details on how to book in and connect.

These will be bi-monthly, unstructured, online sessions that anyone can attend.  Get involved, ask questions or provide feedback about the project. 

To join any Q & A session,  email eviqed@eviq.org.au  and we’ll book you in and send you details on how to connect. Keep your eye on our project web page for dates.

Online surveys

Just have a little time but would still like to contribute? You can share your views about learning requirements, learning plan format & structure, assessment strategy and instructional design strategy. Surveys will be available for each of the focus group topics listed above. We’ll let you know when, so check out our project web page to stay in the loop.

Clinical Advisory Committee

Would you like to have a say in all components of the course, including content, instructional design and supporting resources?

The clinical advisory committee (CAC)  will help us make sure our education resources are appropriate and fit for purpose and our content is correct, applicable and relevant.

The CAC may include members of different clinical specialities and settings including adult and paediatric, medical oncology, haematology, HSCT (BMT) and radiation oncology.

Involvement in the CAC is open to health professionals with clinical knowledge and experience in cancer services. Each member of the CAC receives detailed terms of reference and information sheets outlining all project requirements.  See our project web page for dates and details.

For more information and to express your interest in joining the CAC,  email sarah.tomkins@health.nsw.gov.au

Review groups

Would you like to have a say in resource content and the user experience? Review group members will have clinical knowledge and experience in cancer services and will provide guidance, review and feedback on completed resources. 

There will be eight review groups to support different course components: 

  • Assessment strategies

  • Clinical skills workshop materials

Individual topic groups (learning resources and online assessment):

  • Topic 1: Handling antineoplastic drugs and related waste safely

  • Topic 2: Understanding how antineoplastic drugs work

  • Topic 3: Reviewing protocols and prescriptions

  • Topic 4: Educating the patient and carer

  • Topic 5: Assessing patients

  • Topic 6: Administering antineoplastic drugs

All  members will receive detailed terms of reference and information sheets outlining project requirements. 

Read more about our review groups on the project webpage. To express your interest in joining a review group,  email sarah.tomkins@health.nsw.gov.au and let her know which group you'd like to join. 

Meet the team

Introducing—DRUM ROLL please—the ADAC redesign and development project team...

Photo (left-to-right): Sarah Doyle (Project Manager), Julie Stone (Content Author), Kevin Walton (Instructional Designer)

We hope you’ll be able to join us...

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Where do I find out more about the project?

Go directly to our project web page. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. We know you do it for the love...



Did you know?

The original ADAC was released in NSW in 2012 and is now used across Australia and New Zealand. 

The next version will have a new look and feel, be easier to navigate and provide a more integrated learning experience. Approximate delivery December 2019.​