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 Rapid learning:

Melanoma: changes across the care pathway

In the last 12 months there have been significant changes to the care pathway for melanoma.

Our new rapid learning will bring you up to speed on the latest evidence, new drugs and advances in treatment for Australians living with melanoma.

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Psychosexual care of women affected by gynaecological cancers

New module release

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Let’s talk about sex – specifically, sexual difficulties resulting from gynaecological cancers. This final module of our 6-part course will help you develop skills in talking to women and their partners about this sometimes difficult subject.

Module six will also help you gain an understanding of evidence based treatment of the psychosexual sequelae of gynaecological cancer and help you develop specialist knowledge and skills to provide supportive care and facilitate the development of self-management skills.

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Caring for patients with lung cancer - how can we help?

What are the biggest challenges you face when caring for patients with lung cancer? What knowledge will help you improve care of this cohort in your workplace? 

We are currently reviewing and updating the eviQ Education lung cancer course—but we need your help to ensure we’re providing the most relevant education. Please take a moment to complete our quick survey! Closes 12th April.

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Being the best nurse you can be, without another degree

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We were thrilled to be invited to present to nurses at the CNSA Sydney Regional Group Educational Seminar this month - on the theme of  maximising career development. Our team lead Lisa McLean took to the stage to share the challenges busy cancer professionals face in education, and the space we fill in supporting nurses to continually update their knowledge and skills.

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The show is on the road - to ASMIRT

Which show? Our educational roadshow. 

eviQ and eviQ Education have been visiting our radiation oncology friends in regional cancer centres en-route to ASMIRT this week.

The trip takes them from Sydney to Wollongong, Wagga, Albury, Bendigo and Adelaide and covers about 1,500 km. Please wave if you see them drive by or say hello in the Exhibition Hall at ASMIRT! 

Tell us what you think - Rapid Learning

We’ve had so much fun bringing you this new style of learning – and now we’re keen to evaluate to make sure we are meeting your learning needs. Your input into our upcoming evaluation will make sure we continue to deliver the best quality learning, so please take a few minutes to let us know how we’re going! 

How much time have you got? Survey closes on Weds 10 April.

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Did you know?

Up to 50% of melanoma patients with stage IV disease will develop brain metastases.

Learn about the emerging role of adjuvant stereotactic radiosurgery in improving local recurrence rates in our latest Rapid Learning release.