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All eviQ Education resources are reviewed by a collective of practising medical, nursing and allied health clinicians across Australia.

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Current Opportunities Information for reviewers Timeline Register your interest
Adult febrile neutropenia Information sheet May-June 2018
 Rapid learning (coming soon)   Ongoing
Radiation Therapy   Ongoing
Paediatric febrile neutropenia Information sheet April-May 2018

Types of review groups

Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC)

Provides clinical knowledge and experience to ensure the education resources are appropriate and fit for purpose while ensuring the content is correct, applicable and relevant. Responsibilities may include review and sign off of:

  • learning objectives and or performance criteria
  • content of modules
  • functionality and user experience of completed modules
  • eQuiz questions
  • workshop materials (if applicable)
  • competency assessment tools and associated assessor guide (if applicable).

Inclusion in the CAC requires:

  • attendance at online WebEx meetings for up to 2 hours per meeting (meeting dates to be determined once committee members are confirmed; duration of meeting dependent upon comments and feedback received for discussion)
  • 2-3 hours review time for each module and associated eQuiz (please note there will be individual variations for reviewers) 
  • provision of feedback and comments on all content and documentation e.g. eLearning guides, eQuizzes, competency assessments, workshop materials

External review group 

Members of the External Review Group provide clinical knowledge and experience and are asked to provide comments and feedback on the completed modules once they have been signed off by the CAC. Feedback is invited on content as well as the user experience; the aim of which is to ensure the modules are appropriate and fit for purpose while ensuring the content is correct, applicable and relevant. The review is managed electronically and there are no requirements to attend any meetings.