Yes. All content and assessment strategies in eviQ Education courses are standardised so that completion of the course will be recognised should you wish to transfer to another cancer centre in Australia.

Provided the health care facility implements the eviQ Education course as per the module flow chart, your Certificates of Completion are all that you require.

We have observed that 6-12 months is a reasonable timeframe for registered nursing staff to satisfactory learn the skills required to safely administer oral and intravenous antineoplastic drugs.

This timeframe is dependent on your learning needs and the capacity of your individual health care facility. Your local ADAC facilitator can provide you more information.

Contact your cancer education team to find out who your local ADAC facilitator is.

ADAC facilitators are experienced cancer nurses designated by their health care facility to deliver ADAC. They may be a Nurse Educator, Clinical Nurse Educator, Clinical Nurse Consultant or Clinical Nurse Specialist.

You will receive certificates from a member of your education team once all the components of the course are complete.

See the module diagram for more information about exit points and certificates of completion.

Your health facility management and education teams decide if an EEN can check an antineoplastic drug order. The Cancer Institute NSW does NOT make this decision nor provide any recommendations.

Your health facility management and education teams decide what training an EEN requires in order to check antineoplastic drug orders.

The Cancer Institute NSW would suggest, at a minimum, completion of appropriate ADAC modules and practical assessments to ensure competency.

It is recommended that you are familiar with all the components of ADAC to support participants enrolled in the course.

If you are assessing the competency of participants, it is recommended you yourself are deemed competent to administer oral and intravenous antineoplastic drugs.

You will need to complete a Facility Administrator registration and select ‘Facilitator’ under ‘Roles’.

It may take a few hours for access to be granted. 

There is a dedicated page for all facilitator resources, including certificate templates for download. You must register as a facilitator to access this page.

Any changes to ADAC will be emailed to all facilitators along with detailed information, rationale and instruction on how to implement within your health facility.

We regularly conduct online webinars and invite all new facilitators to participate. Please visit the training calendar for the next available date.