eviQ Education provides blended learning courses to standardise and promote best clinical practice for the care of patients with cancer. eviQ Education has been developed by the Cancer Institute NSW and uses eviQ content.

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All eviQ Education courses link to the most up to date, peer reviewed, evidence based information from eviQ Cancer Treatments Online.

eviQ Education courses are designed for cancer health professionals working within cancer services. Depending on the course, this includes clinical and non-clinical staff from medical oncology, haematology, community and paediatric settings, in rural, remote and metropolitan and regional cancer centres.

eviQ Education courses are provided free of charge.

Yes. All eviQ Education courses attract CPD hours for participants.

eviQ Education courses are not accredited, so please log the courses as self directed CPD and document according to professional body requirements.

For more information refer to the individual module and complete the eviQ Education CPD journal at the bottom of the ‘All courses’ page.

The eviQ Education CPD journal is available on the right hand column of the ‘all courses’ page

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an education intranet or software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of eLearning education courses or training programs.

eviQ Education can be integrated into your health facility LMS. A LMS has the capacity to track your training records, progress and completion.

Your health facility or health organisation will need to complete an online registration form to access the resources within your local LMS. 

eviQ Education is a standard website which has no functionality to track or record any completions or progress. This is a function of your hospital Learning Management System (LMS).

With this in mind, please print out your quiz results or certificates before you close the learning window.

We have a strict governance and development process that includes extensive review.

All resources undergo strict governance and development review prior to becoming approved eviQ Education content.

Education resources must meet the following criteria for hosting:

  • Point of care education
  • Interactive and accessible design
  • Peer reviewed content
  • Appropriate branding
  • Agreed process for intellectual property and content review.

Read the eviQ Education Development Guidelines.

eviQ Education is a standard website which has no functionality to track or record any completions or progress. Your completion certificate* will show CPD hours which you may log in the eviQ Education CPD journal.

ADAC and CVADS certificates of completion are awarded after completion of practical assessments.

We welcome participation in our review groups, and invite you to get in touch via

There are two types of review opportunities:

Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC): This group provide clinical knowledge and experience and members are required to attend an online WebEx meeting for up to 2 hours per meeting.

External review group: This group provide feedback to modules that have been approved by the Clinical Advisory Committee (see above). This is managed electronically and there are no requirements for this group to attend any meetings.

Reviews may be eligible for CPD points for their participation in the development or review of eviQ Education resources.

Read more about how to get involved here.