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 Learning needs survey results

Project information

eviQ Education is developing a single comprehensive blended learning course for radiation oncology nursing by combining the following core resources:

This new course will provide foundation level education for nurses working in radiation oncology and support development of the knowledge and clinical skills required to safely care for patients receiving radiation therapy.

Timeframe and process

The project is anticipated to run for 12-18 months from January 2024.

The following resources will be developed as a part of this project.

  • Online education modules
  • Competency assessment tools
  • Facilitator resources e.g. assessor guides, workshop materials
  • Clinical resources
  • Patient information resources

Each resource will follow the eviQ Education development and review process.


Committee involvement

This project will be overseen by a Steering Committee, Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) and External Review Group (ERG).

Steering committee


Margie Hjorth is currently the inaugural Group Director of Nursing at Icon Group and has a clear strategic role in the development of cancer nurses globally. Margie has a strong interest in professional development opportunities for all cancer nurses and is committed to advancing nursing practice in cancer care.

Margie is also a subject coordinator at University of Melbourne designing and delivering the radiation oncology nursing module in the post graduate certificate in cancer nursing course.

Margie authored the ‘Practice Principles for Patients undergoing Radiation Therapy’ incorporated into the Radiation Oncology Practice Standards. Through her relationships with national and international cancer organisations, she continues to initiate and lead change in the way we care for our patients leading to improved patient outcomes.

Margie has 20+ years clinical background in radiation oncology nursing and was a strong contributor to the initial version of the eviQ radiation oncology course. Margie was also a member of the steering committee with eviQ in 2018 for the Radiation Oncology Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework (RONKAS)


Michelle Roach is a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Radiation Oncology at Liverpool Hospital NSW. She  was appointed as the first Clinical Nurse Consultant in Radiation Oncology in NSW and has over 27 years of experience in the field of radiotherapy nursing.

Michelle currently is the Chair of the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia: Radiation Oncology Nursing Special Practice Network (RON SPN). She represents radiotherapy nursing on various national committees and has recently completed, along with her RON SPN committee, a national radiotherapy nursing workforce study. Michelle was a member of the steering committee with eviQ in 2018 for the Radiation Oncology Nursing Knowledge and Skills framework.

Michelle believes that there is a direct correlation between a patient’s compliance to their treatment demands and the culture and attitude of the patient’s health care team. Having positive, well-educated radiation therapy nurses looking after patients can positively impact on how a patient copes and complies with their treatment regimes.



Joselle Faustino is the subject matter expert for this project. 

She is an experienced radiation therapist who has worked in Cancer Therapy Centres across Illawara, Shoalhaven and South Western Sydney for 7 years.  

Since 2022, she has been a Subject Matter Expert in Radiation Oncology at eviQ education, where she passionately contributes her extensive clinical knowledge, skills and experience to support the organisation’s commendable and impactful work.  



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