Radiation Oncology Nursing Site specific assessor’s guide

The radiation oncology nursing site specific guides have been developed to assist facilitators and assessors in the standardised assessment of nurses working in radiation oncology who are involved in the care of patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment.

The guide suggests a number of resources and tools that can be used in practical skills assessments and also includes a number of supportive assessment prompts such as site specific key questions and expected responses.

For each site, a number of resources, and key questions are suggested for each of the knowledge and skill domains:

  • Review and assessment
  • Patient education
  • Patient management

Please note, the resources, tools, key questions and expected responses are based upon eviQ protocols and resources. These provide examples and suggestions only. Resources, tool, questions and answers should be selected and assessed within the local context of the learner and should be tailored to fit individual learning needs.

There are six site specific guides that will become available throughout 2019.