CAR T-cell therapy is a treatment that re-engineers a patient’s T-cells with synthetic proteins called chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) which enhance the T-cell’s ability to recognise and kill cancer cells.

CAR T-cell therapy has proven effective in some diseases including B-cell malignancies, however, it is not effective in all patient populations.

CAR T-cell therapy continues to be a topic of ongoing clinical research nationally and internationally.

By the end of this rapid learning you will be able to:

  • explain how CAR T-cell therapy works to treat some cancers
  • identify the indications for CAR T-cell therapy
  • describe the CAR T-cell therapy clinical process
  • list common toxicities associated with CAR T-cell therapy and identify their signs and symptoms.

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Case study podcast

This Rapid  Listening, we hear from Erica Smeaton, National Nurse Manager at Lymphoma Australia who shares their experience with CAR T-cell therapy.  


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CAR T-cell therapy referral centres and contacts

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