Administration of hyaluronidase: for management of a vinca alkaloid extravasation.

This video demonstrates the administration of hyaluronidase in the event of a vinca alkaloid extravasation involving a peripheral intravenous cannula.

Extravasation of a vesicant is a medical emergency. Prevention strategies are key to reducing the risk of extravasation and minimising tissue damage. Early detection, assessment and prompt action is required to minimise patient harm.

All clinicians who prescribe, supply and administer intravenous anti-cancer therapies should be educated and competent in extravasation management. Refer to the eviQ document Clinical procedure - extravasation management of intravenous anti-cancer therapies and eviQ Education Extravasation eLearning module for further information. This video should be used in conjunction with clinical expertise, and local policies and procedures.

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Hyaluronidase video (3m)

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