Radiation Oncology Nursing Knowledge and Skills (RONKAS) Framework



The Radiation Oncology Nursing Knowledge and Skills (RONKAS) framework supports nurses to develop a standardised level of knowledge and clinical skill relating to the safe care of patients receiving radiotherapy.


In 2017, an opportunity to develop a standardised learning and assessment framework for radiation oncology nursing was presented to the Cancer Institute NSW.

This led to the development of the RONKAS framework, in collaboration with eviQ & eviQ Education, Liverpool and Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centres, Icon Cancer Centre and the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia.

Following a national consultation period with external clinicians, the agreed framework was released on the eviQ Education website in 2018.   

Framework components

The framework consists of a range of supportive documents, resources and tools which assist both learners and facilitators/assessors in its delivery.


The RONKAS framework document provides a detailed overview of the framework. This document, describes the framework structure, identifies supportive resources and tools that can be used by both learners and facilitators/assessors and outlines the knowledge and skills domains for radiation oncology nursing.

Learning pathway documents detail the 3 knowledge and skills domains for radiation oncology nursing and provide a definition of the developing, consolidating or competent learner.


eviQ Education modules

  1. Introduction to Radiation Oncology modules may be used in conjunction with this framework to support development of evidence based knowledge in radiation oncology nursing.
  2. Advanced Radiation Oncology modules are for the experienced learner and may be used in conjunction with this framework to build an advanced knowledge of radiation oncology.

eviQ resources

eviQ provides evidence based resources which support best practice principles. Resources available on eviQ may support the delivery of this framework.


Practical skills record is a tool used to record practical training sessions, skills practice and competency attempts.

See an example of how to use practical skills record.

Competency assessment tools support and record the learner’s knowledge and skills development in the 3 domains and provide a record of competency.

See the RONKAS framework document for a complete list of resources and tools which may support the delivery of the framework.

Please discuss with your facilitator/assessor which resources and tools may be appropriate for use in your department.


eviQ Education would like to recognise the contributions of external collaborators in the development of this resource.