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The increase in the number of Victorians living with cancer or who have had a diagnosis of cancer has placed increased pressure on oncology services and led to proposals for shared care practice. There is evidence that general practice is well positioned to provide post-treatment follow up care.  

In 2016, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services funded the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre – A Richard Pratt legacy to develop a suite of videos for general practice based health professionals, hospital based health professionals and cancer survivors. 

The videos were developed to illustrate the role of general practice in shared cancer care after treatment (survivorship care). Video content was developed with reference to published literature, Australian practice and qualitative interviews.

Why you should watch our videos?

Watch our videos to learn how hospital staff and general practice can share care to benefit cancer survivors. Specialists describe how clear roles support shared care, GPs describe how they work and their information needs, and a survivor describes her experience of shared care. 

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Whilst appreciable care has been taken in the preparation of these videos, Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre – A Richard Pratt legacy, Department of Health and Human Services, and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre provide these as an educational tool only.