The Day of Treatment (DOT) Assessment tool is designed to help health professionals evaluate and grade toxicities their patient may be experiencing on the day they are receiving anti-cancer treatment.

DOT uses a RedAmber and Green (RAG) risk assessment.  The tool is a guide and does not replace clinical judgment.

Implementing and using DOT in your facility

The following videos demonstrate how to use the DOT tool and log sheet, including footage from the introductory webinar held in September 2021.

We recommend you watch all of the training videos below prior to implementing or utilising DOT in your facility.

What-is-DOT-tile-1.png Introduction-tile-3.png Q-and-A-tile-1.png
Case studies
CS1-john-Mckenna-tile-1.png CS2-Julie-Evans-tile-1.png CS3-Tracie-Bertram-tile-1.png CS4-Fiona-Lee-tile.png CS5-Emma-Hall-tile-1.png

Two DOT case studies are available to complete on the eviQ Ed mobile app alongside the tool and log sheet to support your learning.

DOT tool and log sheet

Select the tool and log sheet below to view and download your copy.

DOT-Tool-eviQ-v1-2A3.png                        Log-Sheet-page-1.PNG

Linked resources

This tool is aligned to the 24 hour telephone triage toolkit, designed to assist staff to identify and prioritise the presenting problems of adult cancer patients contacting 24-hour advice lines. 


The day of treatment assessment tool and log sheet have been adapted from the Greater Midlands Cancer Network plan of care for use in the Australian health care setting.

The grading and assessment criteria within the tool have been aligned and developed in reference to the UKONS 24 hour triage toolkit and CTCAE version 5.0.

eviQ and eviQ Education would like to acknowledge the work and contributions of the Greater Midlands Cancer Network and UKONS in the development of this tool.